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Our Testimonies

JUAN - I was born into an unsaved family. When I was 14 years old, a Christian high school classmate invited me to church. After attending church for one year, on December 24th 2004 I prayed alone in my room to God, asking for forgiveness of my sins and for Jesus to become my personal Savior. My decision was tested right away because of my unsaved family. I suffered persecution inside my own home and I was told to go away and not come back home the day I was baptized, at 18 years of age. Through all of these trials, my faith grew stronger as my desire to serve Him and one day build a God-centered family

ANDREA - I was born again at age 7. In a Sunday school class, the teacher was talking about heaven and hell. I was very scared because I did not know where I was going after dying. That day, June 3rd 1995, I prayed and asked Jesus to save me and come into my heart. My family was a Christian family so I was blessed to attend church, church camps, Christian school, etc. I consecrated my life to serving Him at age 13, knowing I wanted to serve Him full time one day. Since very young, I was taught to pray for my future husband, that he be a man that loves Him and serves Him, and God has answered that prayer.


Call to service

When I (Juan) became a Christian, I enjoyed being active in the ministries at my church. During a missions conference in 2011, God touched my heart and called me to dedicate 100% of my life to winning souls, based on Matthew 9:35-38. When Andrea was 13 years old, she made the decision to consecrate herself to God, to give her life in service to Him, in response to His calling on Isaiah 6:8-9. Our desire is to serve the Lord in full time ministry for the rest of our lives.

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